Keihan Holdings


Management Vision

Of the changes in the business environment expected in the long term until around 2050, the following matters are considered particularly important by the Keihan Group.

  • Saturation of the domestic market due to the drop in population in Japan
  • Japan’s large urban areas face competition with emerging urban areas in Asia
  • Rapid development of IoT and AI
  • Concept of IR (integrated resort) and OSAKA-KANSAI JAPAN EXPO 2025 etc

Even under the drastically changing future business environment, we upgrade our management vision to take on the challenge to “create value” and “expand globally” by capturing opportunities one step ahead of the changes so that the Group can continue to achieve growth.

Be the beautiful Keihan areas and the global Keihan group

Initiatives toward realization of the new management vision

We will commence initiatives toward the realization of the management vision with “safety and challenge” as the basic policy and based on a back-casting approach from the future targeted state

  • We will provide safety and security to all customers as universal values
  • We will enhance the appeal of the areas along the Keihan Railway lines from a global perspective and attract many customers from around the world to the areas
  • We will develop and provide products and services that create customers’ “experience value” and “social value”
  • We will respond to the digital revolution and transform our concept of products, services, and businesses
  • We will evolve from “Keihan Group of Japan” to “Keihan Group of Asia”